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CD Reviews:

Ian Milnes, March 29, 2006

Throughout this CD, Jae-Hyuck Cho shows himself to be a fine pianist capable of giving outstanding interpretations in several different styles of music. He is in such good command of technique that he can communicate the essence of each composer’s thoughts to the full.  The recording and the piano sound are excellent, giving the feeling of being present at the recital. Very highly recommended, especially to all interested in outstanding young pianists!  continue

Philip L. Scowcroft, April, 2006

Jae-Hyuck Cho is American, of Korean birth. …on the evidence of this CD (his name) is one I will be eagerly looking out for in the future. His technique is superb, virtuosic when needed, admirably clear in delivery generally, and underpinned by thoughtful musicianship. These qualities serve him well in this programme, which is ideally balanced between classical and Romantic repertoire. The recording is indeed excellent in tone and very natural sounding. … Strongly recommended as a calling card for a pianist of whom many piano fanciers may have been ignorant as I was myself.   continue

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